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Welcome to the official website of CMI Christ School. Admission Started LKG to 9th Contact: 9188456844

The school has well equipped labs of physics, chemistry, biology and computer. We have an enlarged library with the collection of latest books


Physics Lab:

The school physics lab is well equipped with electrical and electronic devices. A separate dark room is arranged to conduct optical experiments.

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab:

A suppurate work table is allotted to each student. The table has a reagent shelf.

Chemistry Lab

Biology lab :

Lab is well stocked with compound microscope, dissection table plant specimens, animal specimens,permanent slides charts etc. LCD projects are also used to supplement classes and seminars.

Biology Lab

Computer science lab :

The computer science lab has 20 duel core computers for the use of the students. Theris a home science lab also for the students to learn about there is home management which is good for them in future.The school offers training for students in home science from class 9 onwards.

Computer Lab

The school has two buses for the convenience of students residing far from the school. The school buses ply on the allotted routes working with clock-work precision. Besides these, taxis and autos also run to our school from remote areas.

A bookshop catering to all the text books, note books, and stationery requirements of the students remain open on all working days.

The school is provided a First-aid room to cater to injuries requiring immediate medical attention. In case a child is given proper medical care and consultation

The school provides a counselor who is available for academic guidance as well as counseling for behavioural problems.

Teaching require constant updating to equip teachers with latest skills and methodology of teaching. Professional enrichment programmes are a step in this direction. Some of those workshops attended by our teachers include Value Education, Addressing Adolescence, Tackling slow learners, Youth empowerment seminar, Stress management workshop etc.

The school makes it convenient for parents to meet the teachers and discuss the performance of their wards by having regular PTA’s. Besides this parents can seek permission to meet them by taking prior appointment.

The school organizes educational trips and fun trips to places of historic and scientific importance to enhance the awareness of the children and for relaxation and enjoyment.

www.cmichristschool.com | Official Website of CMI Christ School in Iritty | cmi christ school iritty